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Posted on 01-29-2015

Almost ten years ago I was exposed to the concept of Chiropractic. I―like many people today―believed it to be a voodoo type of medicine. I was not by any means inclined to visit a doctor or take medication either. I came from a family eating a SAD (standard American diet) with a “walk it off” approach to healthcare. We very rarely went to the doctor, and I would say, very rarely needed to. I am grateful for that approach for the most part. It created a foundation for me to buy into Chiropractic a little easier. As I started reading and doing research on the science behind Chiropractic, I was really impressed. It all made so much sense to me! The One Thing Series this week is going to focus on one idea concerning Chiropractic:

A Chiropractor is a nerve doctor, not a back doctor.

Now when you first think about Chiropractic, do you think of the back? I did. I thought they were limited to back pain and only dealt with the spine. I thought the manipulations they performed were only to relieve the pain that resided in the back and neck. I had basic knowledge of the nervous system (9th grade Health anyone?), but I just didn’t connect the dots of what a Chiropractor really did until I began researching it. I read Chiropractic First and it spelled out the science in a way that anyone could understand. I saw clearly the purpose of the nerves and the trouble that can ensue when there is the tiniest of interferences. I also made the connection that where nerves splinter off out of the spine can be the root cause of an ailment further out in the body.

Beyond all the knowledge I was gaining by reading, I had my own first-hand experience. After the first month of being adjusted, I began sleeping through the night. Until that point, I thought it was normal to wake up multiple times each night. I would return to sleep for the most part, but once that stopped happening, and I began sleeping all the way through the night, I had a new normal! I also experienced a disappearing act with my seasonal allergies. Now mine were not so bad that I was on any medication, but I suffered through sinus pressure and nasty cold for about two weeks each spring and fall. The year I began Chiropractic, I noticed many of my co-workers complaining of seasonal allergies. It hadn’t even occurred to me that I was not experiencing them too until then. I mentioned it to my Chiropractor and he smiled. He said he gets that a lot!

Over the last ten years there have been many times when I was thankful for Chiropractic. I have had three beautiful children and I am positive that Chiropractic played a huge part in my healthy pregnancies (as well as my comfort level during those months). I have also seen Chiropractic change my children within minutes! That is another story for another time.

The bottom line and your One Thing for this week is to research Chiropractic. Even if you go to one now, I encourage you to get more information on the science behind the hands!

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