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Posted on 03-13-2015

Recently I was watching Friends. It’s a great late 90s and early 2000s series that made it longer than most. I don’t think it’s a particularly enriching show, but they have witty dialogue and entertaining story lines. One thing that I have noticed from this series is how they viewed chicken pox. This show is not that old and their take on the disease was that everybody had it as a kid (save Phoebe). No one got afraid or treated it like the black plague. They took it in stride and got over it.

I find this interesting. You can also look back at an episode of The Brady Bunch and see that measles was a part of childhood then too. Fear was not interwoven into the scenario. Now sure TV is not necessarily the best depiction of all events. However, the story lines of dealing with these diseases were meant to portray the common attitude of the time. My how times have changed!

Now before you see the vaccine talk coming a mile away, relax. I don’t want to get into the big ugly vaccine debate. What I want to talk about is the fear. Why when these diseases hit a decline, we began to fear them? We live in a society where we have med checks galore, hospital, doctors, access to clean water, medicine, and information. Why are we afraid of a disease? On the Holistic side, we have access to the internet which gives us the ability to order nearly every tincture, oil, or herb that we could need, plus we have so much information available at our finger tips! We have power and information at the ready regardless of the illness that our children―or we adults―come in contact with. I understand there are big diseases, there are big things out there that need to be avoided with wisdom. I also know there are diseases that need a partnership of medical and holistic. I don’t want to live in a world without both sides working together. However, when did we begin to fear the flu, chicken pox, measles, and whooping cough?

The cliché that knowledge is power is so true in this instance. We need to educate ourselves on how the body fights disease and what types of things the body needs when it is under attack. We all have bodies and we all fall under attack from time to time. Shouldn’t we all have a basic knowledge of what aids the body in those times?

For those that are new to what would be termed holistic care, I would like to share some of the information I have learned in the last 9 years on this journey. As a disclaimer, I am not a doctor, nor am I giving medical advice. I want to share my experiences. I would highly suggest consulting a doctor (I would prefer a Chiropractor, an Osteopath or a Doctor that is open minded about whole foods nutrition and holistic approach to wellness) before you begin a new regimen.

I want to give you resources to do your own research, I want to hook you up with great websites to order things not commonly found in your local store, and I want to share some local resources with you. I want to have fun too! Let’s begin a new chapter for you and your family! Or if you are already on this journey, join me and we can learn from each other! Together we can make change in our circles of influence.

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